Pay Business Expenses By The Month

Insurance is not the only expense you can Pay By The Month

Wouldn't it be great to know your accounts and invoices are paid promptly and without a big hit to your cash flow?

Premium Funding's Pay By The Month (PBTM) ensures suppliers are paid on time. Payments are broken up into smaller, more frequent monthly repayments just like you have done with your Insurance giving you access to cash, less administration and peace of mind.

PBTM allows you to spread large lump sum payments over 12 months in the same way Pay By The Month (PBTM) Insurance Funding does. Maintain a positive cash flow by allocating capital to areas that grow your business rather than to lump sum expenses. Join thousands of other businesses who choose to pay their insurances and invoices monthly.

PBTM is available to existing clients. Once set up, simply email us your invoice. We will pay the invoice for you and you pay us back monthly.

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